Bianca Cartin Holistic Coach 
& Reiki Practitioner

My Journey

Born in Southampton, England I've have spent the last 16 years in Dubai studying under a great number of teachers learning a variety of techniques for increasing the health of the body and mind, helping me to understand the world around me and the world inside me.

​I first learn't the practice of Reiki in 2010 and most recently was attuned by Kasey Conrad in the second level of Usui Reiki. I like to offer my time to the Reaching Out with Reiki Movement, who along with the other passionate volunteers regularly provide complimentary Reiki sessions and support to cancer patients.

I discovered the benefits of meditation in 2005, I have experimented and practiced an array of different methods. Meditation is a very simple practice that everyone can learn, that offers a huge number of positive side effects. In 2014 on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand I was taught the method of Transcendental Meditation which is my chosen daily practice.

I have been an N.L.P Coach certified with the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NFNLP) since 2014. The techniques and processes of N.L.P have been instrumental in my learning and identification of my true passions, providing me invaluable skills to use in my career and relationships. 

I have chosen to spread the wisdom of the three disciplines of Usui Reiki, Meditation and Neuro-linguistic psychology as these three methods have become valuable tools that have helped me to grow. I have recently returned to Southampton and I wish to create a secure and nurturing space to share with you the insights and tool I have gained so that you too can discover and achieve the goals you chose.


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